Medical Research

Oregon Health & Science University

Joe Gray
Portland, OR
June 2012

This project will initiate development of image-based approaches that will allow architectural analysis of the nanoscale molecular assemblies that regulate information flow in cells. The team will coordinately develop multi-scale imaging, labeling chemistry and computer science to visualize specific molecular assemblies in cells and to localize these relative to cellular ultrastructural features using a new integrated light and electron microscope (iLEM) to analyze the signaling architecture. The iLEM consists of a custom-designed fluorescent microscope mounted on the side port of a transmission electron microscope. The project team will develop the technologies to enable the detection of the molecular structures that regulate information flow within cells and learn how these structures assemble, integrate signals from multiple sources, and shuttle the information to action centers in cells that control activities such as growth, death and movement. The research team expects that their iLEM analysis approaches eventually will be broadly applicable to studies of regulatory signal networks in normal and diseased tissues.

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