Medical Research

City of Hope

John Williams, Tijana Jovanovic-Talisman, David Horne, Jinha Park
Duarte, CA
June 2013

Investigators at City of Hope, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Hawaii, seek to advance a potentially transformative monoclonal antibody (mAb) based technology platform. The technology will provide new tools and methods for investigating and understanding molecular trafficking, especially at the cell surface, which will lay the foundation for improving cell-specific therapies for major diseases including cancer. The basis for this new platform is the team’s recent discovery of a meditope, a cyclic peptide that binds non covalently with high affinity and specificity to a buried site within the fragment antigen binding region (Fab) of cetuximab. Here, they propose to develop and optimize the meditope-antibody interaction to 1) gain fundamental insight into antibody mediated receptor trafficking, especially receptor internalization, 2) facilitate the delivery of imaging agents to monitor molecular and cellular dynamics, and 3) advance the cell-specific delivery of agents to detect and treat disease. The team will also develop a set of novel reagents that will be broadly applicable to basic and advanced methodologies in the life sciences such as imaging.

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