Medical Research

University of California, San Francisco

Bo Huang, Noelle L'Etoile, Geeta Narlika, Lei Qi, Jonathan Weissman, Chao-Ting Wu
San Francisco, CA
June 2014

A multidisciplinary team of investigators, led by early career investigator Bo Huang at UCSF, will develop advanced labeling tools that would allow tracking of such elements as genes and DNA binding proteins in living cells and animals.  They will develop an image-based approach to monitor these elements to study biological processes such as gene regulation in cancer cells and stem cell differentiation.  This technology platform consists of fluorescence bar-coding to track live cell genome organization and chromosome dynamics.  The team will also engineer fluorescent reporters to identify specific histone modifications which will allow them to monitor the epigenetic status of target genes.  The team will further create a C. elegans platform so that these studies can be performed in an intact organism.  If successful, the studies would reveal where genetic information is accessed within the cell nucleus in real time.  This advanced imaging platform, when fully established, would find applications in other biological science research.

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