Science and Engineering

Louisiana State University

Leslie G. Butler
Baton Rouge, LA
December 2013

A novel gantry-based laboratory X-ray interferometry-tomography system will be developed to image materials and biological specimens in five dimensions: space, composition, and time.  A gantry mount holds the X-ray tube, optics, and detector allowing a stationary sample with its environmental chamber to be imaged with the helical scan method.  A grating-based X-ray interferometer system enables differential phase contrast imaging, giving access to contrast mechanisms that complement traditional X-ray absorption imaging.  Data processing uses methods taken from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).  X-ray fluorescence microprobe experiments are enabled by a polycapillary focusing optic, giving near ppm detection limits and some elemental oxidation state information.  A position sensitive, energy resolved detector enables 3D compositional imaging.  New data acquisition strategies permit significant flexibility in the assignment of time windows with the projection data software, and will be used to efficiently couple data acquisition with high performance computing resources, visualization, analysis, and data management.  The new system will complement the LSU synchrotron microtomography beam line and other lab tomography systems.

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