Science and Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles

Rob N. Candler
Los Angeles, CA
June 2014

X-ray lasers are poised to create a revolution in high-speed, high-resolution imaging.  With wavelengths smaller than atoms and ultrafast time scales (10-15 seconds), X-ray laser pulses give the entirely new possibility of taking real-time snapshots of the atomic motion dictating material behavior.  This new imaging capability now provides exceptional insights into fundamental processes in chemistry, biology, material science and condensed matter physics, but only in billion-dollar class national lab facilities.  The proposed project will miniaturize free electron lasers by incorporating nanofabrication, enabling access to new physical regimes of operation that are inherently more efficient.  This project will lay the groundwork for X-ray free electron lasers (XFELS) capable of producing high brightness X-rays that produce ultrafast, high-resolution images in the X-ray water window.  These miniature XFELS will spread the powerful functionality of the short wavelength free electron laser to a much broader user community, a community that currently must wait for access to the one XFEL in the USA.

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