Science and Engineering

University of Michigan

Zetian Mi, Emmanouil Kioupakis, Mackillo Kira, Robert Hovden, Theodore Norris
Ann Arbor, MI
December 2019

The ascent of quantum materials and nanotechnology should eventually advance transistors, detectors, and lasers to become quantum-ready so that they can operate on exquisite multi electron–light quantum states.  As the next leap for quantum sciences, this team of researchers will introduce atomically thin gallium nitride (GaN) as quantum-ready semiconductors for a scalable quantum optoelectronics technology that functions at room temperature and operates on entanglement.  They predicted that Coulombic many-body interactions of atomically thin nitrides are so strong that they bind electrons and holes (electronic vacancies) to quantized excitons that are stable even at room temperature, unlike any other commercial inorganic semiconductor.  Such strong interactions can also cluster electrons to other complexes, such as exciton molecules (biexcitons) and dropletons, as abundant resources for storing and processing entanglement.  This project forms a closed loop between the most precise quantum-theory-synthesis-experiment efforts, through which the team will introduce room-temperature quantum optoelectronics, including quantum-light sources, stable electron–hole clusters, and detectors, wherein entanglement can be excited, processed, and detected at will.  The investigators will use the most accurate quantum theory to predict material properties and to determine quantum dynamics relevant for entanglement-processing applications.  Based on these insights, they will develop atomically thin nitrides into a unique platform for quantum technologies by growing them with molecular beam epitaxy, characterizing them with electron microscopy, and demonstrating quantum optoelectronic protocols with ultrafast optical and quantum spectroscopy, all highest-precision quantum techniques.  The project could revolutionize quantum technologies by amplifying and extending quantum-coherent effects on a quantum-ready semiconductor platform and at room temperature.

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