Southern California Grant Abstracts - Advancement Project

Advancement Project

Los Angeles, CA
$250,000 – 1 year
June 2012

Advancement Project is partnering with academic researchers, the Los Angeles County Probation Department, the Children’s Defense Fund, and other stakeholders to examine the experiences of youth before, during and after their time in the probation system and the extent to which probation involved youth and their families also have contact with additional government agencies. The aim is to better understand the experience of children who become involved in Los Angeles’ juvenile justice system and identify needed improvements to data collection and tracking, as well as opportunities for prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation. Data collection will occur in 2012 and the study is projected to be completed by December 2013. From the results of the study, a network of stakeholders convened by the Advancement Project, with the support of Children’s Defense Fund, will jointly develop a list of specific outcomes that will guide Probation’s practices to improve and streamline its internal service delivery, coordination with other County departments, and transition of youth back to the community. A final report with recommendations on a set of outcomes will be issued.

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