Southern California Grant Abstracts - College Bound – Dollars for Achievers

College Bound - Dollars for Achievers

Cerritos, CA
$150,000 – 2 years
June 2012

In this era of rapid technological advancement, inadequate preparation and a lack of interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), particularly among underrepresented groups, is resulting in a dearth of knowledge and skills required to drive innovation and strengthen our global competitiveness. However, the pool of qualified college applicants with interest and experience in STEM is insufficient. To address this issue, College Bound provides supplemental, out-of-school activities for students in grades 4-12 to prepare them for college, while engaging students in STEM subjects. College Bound will enhance its Saturday School, project-based curriculum for 7th grade (Renewable Energy Systems) and 8th grade (Communications Technology) to increase students’ interest in STEM subjects and their proficiency in algebra. College Bound employs credentialed teachers with subject-matter expertise; engages African-American males who are particularly disengaged from the educational process; requires parent involvement; assesses students’ progress over time; and provides academic and college advising. During the two-year project, 240 students and over 300 parents will be served.

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