Southern California Grant Abstracts - Enterprise Community Partners

Enterprise Community Partners

Los Angeles, CA
$200,000 – 2 years
June 2012

Los Angeles leads the nation in homelessness. As an affordable housing intermediary with a commitment to permanent supportive housing (PSH) in Los Angeles, and as a United Way/LA Chamber of Commerce Home for Good signatory, Enterprise will work to develop and provide affordable housing solutions for those struggling with and emerging from homelessness. As a provider of the capital and tools needed to create affordable housing, Enterprise will build the capacity of (l) traditional affordable housing developers not oriented to or familiar with housing for homeless populations and (2) transitional housing operators that require programmatic and technical support in converting facilities and programs to PSH. Staff and consultants will offer technical assistance, provide capacity building grants, develop financial tools and foster the policy support needed to create between 200 and 300 new PSH units in Los Angeles over the next two years.

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