Southern California Grant Abstracts - Public Counsel Law Center

Public Counsel Law Center

Los Angeles, CA
$250,000 – 3 years
June 2012

In December 2010, Public Counsel and its partners reached a settlement with Los Angeles County to reform conditions for youth with developmental disabilities in the juvenile halls, in placement (foster care, group homes, relative caregivers), and home with family under field supervision. Public Counsel will work through December 2014 to ensure effective implementation of the settlement agreement. The overall goal is that developmentally disabled youth in the juvenile justice system will be immediately and effectively identified; will not be detained longer than others because of the lack of available, appropriate community placements; and will be provided with appropriate services and effective supports to successfully transition back to the community and avoid recidivism and violence. Implementation of the agreement will be monitored through visits to the halls, observation, interviews, and document and data review. Public Counsel will address problems through written communication with the Chief of Probation and opposing counsel; meeting with them to mediate disputes and develop action plans; accessing the courts as needed; and providing advocacy to individual youth to obtain school or Regional Center services as needed.

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