Southern California Grant Abstracts - Spark Los Angeles

Spark Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA
$150,000 – 2 years
June 2012

Los Angeles has one of the highest high-school dropout rates in the nation. Spark LA addresses this problem in the middle-school years by re-engaging at-risk students from disadvantaged communities in their education through individualized apprenticeships in their chosen “dream jobs.” Spark LA taps volunteer resources to create a hands-on apprenticeship experience for each student in a career of their choice at a real workplace. In parallel with the apprenticeship experience, a Leadership Class at school helps students connect the applied learning from the apprenticeships with their classroom curriculum, demonstrating the importance of their academics and improving classroom motivation. Spark LA’s goal is to create a total of 650 apprenticeship experiences for low-income Los Angeles students over the next two years.

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