Southern California Grant Abstracts - Venice Arts

Venice Arts

Venice, CA
$150,000 – 3 years
June 2012

Venice Arts is expanding its Art Mentoring program, offered free-of-charge to low-income youths ages 6-18. The program primarily reaches families in neighborhoods with high pockets of poverty on Los Angeles’ Westside, although youth from throughout the City may participate. Currently enrolling 200 youth each year, project goals are to increase the number of youths served in Venice and at partner sites by 30% (to 260); and to prepare more youth for advanced learning and college through a new “Bridge” component, targeting two ends of the student population: middle-school students and their parents, for whom the Bridge offers a structured pathway into the Advanced Studies track; and a small subset of older teens who are recent high school graduates needing continued support as they transition to adulthood.

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