Southern California Grant Abstracts - St. John's Well Child and Family Center

St. John's Well Child and Family Center

Los Angeles, CA
December 2012

St. John’s Well Child and Family Center is the fiscal lead for the South Los Angeles Child Welfare Initiative, a collaborative project among seven agencies to improve developmental outcomes for young children in two South Los Angeles neighborhoods and to reduce the risk of their involvement with the foster care system. In addition to St. John’s, these agencies are: Alliance for Children’s Rights, Beyond Shelter, Children’s Institute, Inc., Community Coalition, Institute for Maximum Human Potential, and Para Los Niños. Together, they are developing, testing and refining an integrated early childhood system of care targeting children at intake who are born to teenage parents or living with relative caregivers and demonstrate one or more significant risk factors. A minimum of 100 families will be served in the pilot phase. The redesigned system will be cross-disciplinary (health/mental health, early childhood education, housing, social services and community engagement) and better coordinated to help families remain intact and support the healthy development of their children. Since the Initiative began, the partners have developed a common standard of care, agreed upon short and long-term indicators to measure success and have begun to implement changes in their client intake and referral processes. In preparation for sustaining the initiative, the collaborative proposes hiring a full-time project director to oversee implementation, provide technical assistance to the cross agency teams, and document progress.

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