Southern California Grant Abstracts - Southern California Public Radio

Southern California Public Radio

Los Angeles, CA
$1,000,000 – Special Grant
December 2012

The overall goal of the Multiplatform Newsroom Initiative is for Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) to become the region’s premier source of local news. The initiative will create a new model for public service journalism by launching13 full-fledged reporting units on key topic areas, such as Science, Research and Engineering; Public Education; Health Care; and Governance and Civic Engagement. Content will be distributed through multiple platforms-- on air, online, mobile apps, social media and live events. Broadcast listeners and unique website users will each increase to an average of over 950,000 per month by 2015. Building SCPR’s digital infrastructure is a core component of the initiative and is the focus of the project supported by the W. M. Keck Foundation. As a result of the initiative, residents will have a go-to source of balanced reporting, analysis, and face-to-face discussion on topics critical to the region. It will enable diverse communities to become part of critical discussions, and ensure that they are more engaged and working together to build a stronger and more vibrant Los Angeles.

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