Southern California Grant Abstracts - Pueblo Nuevo Development

Pueblo Nuevo Development

Los Angeles, CA
December 2012

The Jane B. Eisner School capital project will create a new middle school campus serving 270 students in grades 6 through 8 through the adaptive reuse of an historic building in the Byzantine-Latino Quarter neighborhood of Los Angeles (located west of Pico-Union). Development of this school will enable Camino Nuevo Charter Academy to implement a critical component of its strategic plan which was adopted by the Board of Directors in January 2012. Among other things, the strategic plan calls for Camino Nuevo to complete two K-12 strands of schools (total of 7 campuses) that will serve about 3,800 students in central Los Angeles. The Jane B. Eisner School will serve the students who graduate from an adjacent K-5 elementary school operated by Camino Nuevo and will also provide community youth services in the afternoon and on weekends.

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