Southern California Grant Abstracts - Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International

Santa Barbara, CA
December 2012

Direct Relief will increase access to healthcare through the expansion of its Replenishment Program. The program focuses on high concentrations of uninsured patients cared for at community clinics and health centers and complements existing traditional patient assistance programs (PAPs) through which individual pharmaceutical companies provide free or discounted prescription medicine to low-income patients. Direct Relief’s Replenishment Program provides a scalable platform through which multiple companies participate, maximizing efficiencies in providing donated medicines to patients and enabling clinics to streamline their administrative processes spent on PAP enrollment and dispensing. Over the one-year grant period, the program’s reach in Los Angeles County will expand from five to six clinics, more than double the number of uninsured patients receiving donated medications to 4,500 and increase the number and type of prescriptions dispensed from 12,000 to 26,000.

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