Southern California Grant Abstracts - Alliance for College Ready Public Schools

Alliance for College Ready Public Schools

Los Angeles, CA
December 2012

In August 2012, the Alliance for College Ready Public Schools opened a new blended learning high school in Lincoln Heights, the Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High School (Smidt Tech). This is the Alliance’s fourth BLAST (Blended Learning for Alliance School Transformation) high school that integrates digital learning tools with traditional teaching methods to deliver a personalized, college preparatory curriculum. At Smidt Tech each student will receive a laptop computer and rotate through three learning stations within the classroom with small groups of 12 to 16 students during two hour blocks for core academic subjects (math, English language arts, science, social sciences). The learning stations include 1) teacher-led instruction, 2) individualized, interactive online instruction with content that adapts to and accelerates each student’s level of proficiency, and 3) structured, collaborative standards-based projects using technology. The school currently enrolls 150 ninth graders and will add one grade annually until a full enrollment of 600 students is achieved in the 2015-16 school year.

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