Southern California Grant Abstracts - MIND Research Institute

MIND Research Institute

Irvine, CA
June 2013

MIND Research Institute (MIND) will implement its early learning math program at ten sites in the Los Angeles area that serve low-income children in partnership with Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP). The program’s purpose is to reduce achievement gaps and prepare approximately 1,400 pre-kindergarten (four-year-old) children for academic success. MIND will provide professional development and both MIND and LAUP will provide follow-up support on site to 20 preschool teachers to help them create a blended learning environment and foster Pre-K children’s mastery of early childhood development foundations in math, as defined by the California Department of Education. To maximize the effectiveness of the program, the sites chosen for the proposed program will be LAUP sites that serve as ‘feeder schools’ to elementary schools that are using MIND’s K-5 ST Math program.

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