Southern California Program

Santa Catalina Island Conservancy

Long Beach, CA
June 2014

The Santa Catalina Island Conservancy will redesign, pilot and fully implement its NatureWorks program in partnership with the Avalon public schools and the Long Beach Unified School District.  NatureWorks is a school-based, sequential curriculum that combines classroom environmental and conservation science education with real-world experiences on Catalina Island.  The program, which currently focuses on the elementary and middle school grades, will be expanded through the 12th grade and include placements in ecotourism and conservation science internships and jobs.  Over 600 students will be served.  Creating pathways that link learning with career preparation will result in academic gains, workforce readiness and strengthen students’ long term opportunities.  The Foundation’s grant will support a full-time NatureWorks coordinator and students’ field experiences in the Island’s interior during the first two years of the project.  During year three, the Conservancy will document the methodology for use by other school districts and conservation organizations.

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