Southern California Program

Latino Theater Company

Los Angeles, CA
June 2014

The Latino Theater Company (LTC) operates the Los Angeles Theatre Center, a multi-stage National Historic Landmark theater complex in downtown Los Angeles.  For over 28 years, LTC has explored the U.S. Latina/o experience in contemporary terms through ensemble-based work.  As the operators of the Center, LTC programs diverse seasons of arts programming that reflects the diversity of Los Angeles.  LTC also provides space and support to LATC tenants and many other local artistic programs.  In 2006, LTC undertook a major renovation of the complex, developing LATC into a distinctive arts center.  Now, LTC is undertaking additional improvements to upgrade the infrastructure, refurbish unusable space, and renovate the lobby and one of the four theaters.  The Foundation’s grant will support the first phase of this renovation.

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