Southern California Program

New Horizons

North Hills, CA
June 2014

New Horizons serves 1,000 adults with special needs annually.  Up until the 1950s, people born with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy were often institutionalized.  Times have changed, and people with intellectual disabilities are integrated into society through their schools and by living and working in the community.  As a result of this better quality of life, individuals with special needs are also living longer.  As they age, those with Down Syndrome in particular have a high occurrence of early-onset dementia that is the same as or similar to Alzheimer’s disease.  In response, New Horizons is building a six-bedroom memory care group home to serve this population.  The home will model best practices that enable residents to age in place and avoid nursing home placements.  New Horizons will also develop a staff training curriculum in partnership with the Southern California Alzheimer’s Association that will be disseminated along with lessons learned to medical and social service professionals, non-profits and families.  A Foundation grant will support construction of the memory care home.

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