Southern California Program

Pasadena Conservancy of Music

Arts and Culture
Pasadena, CA
June 2015

The Conservatory launched a capital campaign in 2011, Milestones, Building on Success, to expand and improve its campus as a means for deepening and broadening the impact of its mission and programs.  The goals of the campaign are to expand the campus through property acquisition, create a long-range campus development plan, and implement priority projects identified in the plan.  The first two goals of the campaign have been met.  The Conservatory acquired the adjacent property at 130 North Hill in May 2011 and the campus expansion was completed in October of that year.  A number of other priority projects have been completed, including refurbishment of a formal chapel to create a recital hall, the addition of a second performance space, and creation of a music library and resource center.  The W. M. Keck Foundation’s capstone grant will help complete the Milestones campaign.

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