Southern California Program

Mental Health America of Los Angeles

Civic and Community
Long Beach, CA
June 2015

The W. M. Keck Foundation’s grant to Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHA) will support the renovation of a property in Long Beach to create a comprehensive service center for homeless individuals with disabilities and a community health clinic operated by The Children’s Clinic (TCC).  The goals of the project are to increase access to care for vulnerable homeless people, veterans and low-income families; integrate mental health, physical health, substance abuse recovery and healthy living strategies to improve well-being; and invest in education and employment services to increase their ability to live independently in the community.  The center will house three of MHA’s homeless service programs and TCC will provide primary care to MHA’s clients and low-income neighborhood residents.  The site will also include a restaurant and retail mart to provide job training, a room for wellness activities and a community center for local groups.  Over 1,000 individuals will be served annually at the new center.

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