Southern California Program

Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust

Civic and Community
Los Angeles, CA
June 2015

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (LANLT) has initiated a program to improve conditions in low-income communities of color that are disproportionately impacted by the prevalence of blighted vacant lots and a chronic lack of safe green space.  Transforming Inner City Lost Lots (TILL) will empower communities to activate publicly-owned vacant land and transform it into small parks and community gardens, which will contribute to social cohesion and improved health and environmental outcomes.  Since 2013, TILL has inventoried 3,000 publicly-owned vacant lots, prioritized 200 in the city’s most underserved, park-poor areas, and developed partnerships with residents, government agencies, and local community organizations that are integral to the process of facilitating community-led projects.  During the two-year grant period, LANLT will create a master lease template in collaboration with the city of Los Angeles and a toolkit to simplify and clearly document the series of tasks necessary for the lease or purchase of vacant public lots.  The material will be printed and made available online through an open source platform and disseminated through workshops and via webinars reaching at least 15 community-based organizations.  At the end of two years, six new parks and/or gardens will be in development and the capacity of groups interested in undertaking similar work will have been strengthened.

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