Southern California Program

Inner-City Arts

Los Angeles, CA
December 2015

Inner-City Arts (ICA) is the largest community arts partner of the Los Angeles Unified School District and its programs are designed to meet the challenge of the arts opportunity gap in Los Angeles.  A Keck award will expand the Learning and Achieving through the Arts program to additional schools where arts programs have been reduced or eliminated.  Learning and Achieving through the Arts brings students and their classroom teachers to the ICA campus during the school day.  The program’s three key components include: standards-aligned instruction in the arts for K-8 students, extended professional development and supportive coaching for classroom teachers to grow their potential as art educators; and activities that engage students’ parents and other family members in arts experiences.  Across all art forms, students learn to persevere, solve problems and think critically.  They are encouraged to take risks, use their imaginations and describe their work to build language skills.  Over the next two years, the program will work with a total of 64 schools and grow from serving 5,000 to 6,600 students and from 180 to 240 teachers.  An additional 1,000 school community and family members will be engaged in arts activities during the course of the project.

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