Southern California Program

EnCorps, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA
December 2015

EnCorps will address the growing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teacher shortage in Los Angeles by cultivating a non-traditional and untapped source of teacher candidates—career -changing professionals, retiring professionals and military veterans in the STEM fields.  With the support of this three-year Keck grant, EnCorps will recruit a cohort of STEM professionals for a two-year training program that utilizes strategies relevant to second career professionals.  The first year includes pre-service volunteer tutoring and guest teaching under the mentorship of a host teacher.  For the candidates who decide to pursue full-time teaching versus continuing as tutors in the second year, EnCorps provides guidance with applying to one of several teacher credential programs.  Throughout the program, participants participate in workshops to build their teaching and classroom management skills, learn about adolescent psychology and become familiar with the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.  They receive one-on-one mentoring and opportunities to network within their cohort and with program alumni who have successfully transitioned to teaching careers.  As they complete the program, EnCorps assists them with placements in traditional district and charter public schools.  A minimum of 138 STEM professionals will participate, impacting nearly 5,000 Los Angeles low-income middle and high school students.

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