Southern California Program

Pacific Charter School Development/Equitas Academy #3 Charter Elementary School

Education - Great Public School Now Initiative
Los Angeles, CA
December 2015

Pacific Charter School Development (PCSD) is a non-profit developer of charter school facilities whose mission is to deliver affordable facilities for high performing charter schools who educate underserved populations.  PCSD is working in concert with Great Public Schools Now to grow the number of high quality charter school seats in Los Angeles significantly over the next several years.  One such charter school is Equitas Academy #3 Elementary School, which will serve 500 students in grades K through 4 in the Pico-Union neighborhood just west of downtown Los Angeles.  Equitas currently operates two elementary schools and one middle school for 1000 students.  Overall, the student body is 96% Hispanic, 92% socio-economically disadvantaged and 85% enter as English language learners.  A W. M. Keck Foundation grant is supporting the development of a permanent campus for Equitas’ third elementary school, which opened in 2015 in leased space.  The new facility is currently a vacant single-story commercial building.  PCSD plans to demolish the existing building and construct a two-story facility with over 28,000 square feet. The building will house the school’s administration, classrooms, and a multi-purpose room/lunch area.  An outdoor playground area will be built in place of an existing parking lot.  Equitas’ existing elementary schools have outperformed neighboring district-run schools.

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