Southern California Program

Advancement Project

Civic and Community
Los Angeles, CA
June 2018

To date, there is no centralized, public data source that fully details the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) budget and the impact of budgetary decisions for each school site and larger regions or segments of the district.  Advancement Project California (APCA) proposes a solution in the form of the web-based WeBudget platform.  WeBudget will dispense often obscured LAUSD budgetary figures, trends, and projections via a user-friendly and interactive visual presentation so that LAUSD personnel, parents, and advocates can engage in more informed conversations on budget issues to advance student equity.  With a two-year grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation, APCA will gather disparate LAUSD budget data and related student information from LAUSD sources, along with relevant indicators to present a comprehensive framework of the budget that also demonstrates how student needs are or are not being met across varied demographics and regions.  WeBudget will provide a user-driven Budget 101 Toolkit, Data Visualization Mapping, and Budget Scenario Exploration features to provide a clear snapshot of how the LAUSD budget impacts each public, charter, and magnet school site.  The illustrative nature of this updatable information clearing house will simplify the LAUSD budget’s intricate complexity without sacrificing relevant information for the viewer.

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