Southern California Program

Pomona Unified School District

Pomona, CA
June 2018

The Pomona Unified School District (PUSD), in collaboration with the University of Utah’s Sorenson Impact Center, and the University of Virginia’s Currey School of Education is commencing the “Reinvest In Success” pilot to increase preschool access and improve outcomes for its most vulnerable young learners.  The pilot follows a feasibility study that identified the lack of access to full-day preschool for low-income children within PUSD as a significant gap in services and pointed to increased revenues from higher attendance as a potential funding source to sustain the expansion.  A three-year grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation will support a randomized control trial to compare academic and socioemotional outcomes for children attending full-day versus half-day high quality preschool.  This will be the first rigorous evaluation of the effects and investable outcomes of full-day preschool in a high-need California school district.  The data will allow PUSD to decide whether to reallocate resources to offer a full-day program to more preschoolers in the district.  The research will also shed light on which components of preschool programs are needed to ensure lasting benefits beyond kindergarten readiness.  Other districts facing a demand for increased investment in early childhood education will be able to use the findings from the study to inform their decisions.

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