Southern California Program

Child Development Institute

Early Childhood
Woodland Hills, CA
December 2018

Child Development Institute’s (CDI) mission is to help all children reach their full potential by supporting the relationships and environments that shape early development.  In recent years, CDI has adopted an integrated program model that incorporates three levels of care:  promotion, prevention, and early intervention.  These three levels come together at the Early Learning Center (ELC) in Canoga Park, which opened in 2012 as a free, drop-in community play and learning space.  Now, CDI and its partners are replicating the ELC in Reseda, another high need community in the San Fernando Valley.  A Keck Foundation grant will support renovation of a mid-century church that will become the ELC and open in early 2020.  The rotating play and activity spaces will be designed to promote learning and self-discovery.  Young children and their families will have access to a science and art center, an indoor climbing tree, and a lending library.  There will also be a community dining room, full-service kitchen, and outdoor gardens and playgrounds.  Throughout, parents will interact with early child development experts, paraprofessionals, and volunteers who can answer questions about child development and make linkages to other community providers.  This project holds the promise to intervene early and often on behalf of the most vulnerable children in the area.  The project also supports better alignment and coordination among the different organizations working on behalf of these families.

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