Undergraduate Education Program

The Foundation's Undergraduate Education Program promotes distinctive learning and research experiences in science, engineering and the liberal arts at four year undergraduate colleges only in Foundation designated states, or through national organizations that address undergraduate needs. Public institutions and research universities located in the designated states may apply but must demonstrate a compelling or unique resource to be competitive. Historically, grants range from $200,000 to $1 million, and are typically under $500,000. On a case by case basis, the Foundation may consider the award of smaller seed grants for planning and piloting.


Program Priorities

  • Foster new levels of student engagement and understanding, especially through active learning and collaborative curriculum development
  • Expand interdisciplinary activities in balance with needs of each discipline
  • Incorporate research activities into the curriculum and raise the bar of expectations regarding publications and presentations by undergraduates
  • Enhance science and technology literacy for students in all disciplines
  • Develop new ways to stimulate critical thinking and other core competencies of a liberal arts education
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