Undergraduate Education Program

St. Mary's University

Winston Erevelles
San Antonio, TX
June 2012

The goal of this project is to improve the quality of undergraduate engineering education and research at St. Mary’s University by upgrading the Automated Manufacturing and Robotics Laboratory (AMRL). The improved AMRL will significantly strengthen key courses in the industrial engineering, engineering management, and engineering science programs and support the development of new courses in advanced manufacturing technologies. In addition, the AMRL will support the emerging mechanical engineering program and offer capstone design experience support and undergraduate research opportunities to all 6 of the existing undergraduate engineering programs. This will better prepare students for careers in industry or graduate education. The new laboratory, along with the implementation of the educational system known as MARRS (Manufacturability, Assemblability, Reproducibility and Repeatability Synergy) will engage students in the conceive-design-build engineering process and synthesize theoretical and practical knowledge. The new AMRL and related curriculum enhancements will allow St. Mary’s University to serve as a benchmark for professional engineering education within the context of a liberal arts university.

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