Undergraduate Education Program

California State University, Stanislaus

S. Steve Arounsack
Turlock, CA
December 2012

This project will establish a visual anthropology lab to be utilized as an undergraduate classroom and research facility for the production of culturally relevant, socially engaged media. The Central Valley is home to a rich mosaic of ethnicities but their cultural knowledge (oral histories, rituals, and ceremonies) is in danger of being lost, in part because the cultural knowledge of older generations has not yet been documented and preserved for future generations. Using a visual anthropological framework, the project team will engage both the university and the local community to document, analyze, and disseminate this knowledge. In doing so, the university’s equally diverse student population will engage in cross-cultural filmmaking, ethnographic interviewing, and explore the interface between traditional research methodologies and new technologies. By leveraging the strengths of multiple disciplines (anthropology, art, ethnic studies, and others), a digital archive of cultural visual media will be created to serve as a resource for classroom instruction, university research and community outreach.

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