Undergraduate Education Program

Reed College

Dena Hutto
Portland, OR
December 2012

At Reed College and nationwide, undergraduates struggle with many aspects of the research process, from the early stages of framing a research topic to presenting their analyses and ideas in various forms. Reed is known for providing its students with coursework and research opportunities often identified with graduate-level work at other colleges and universities. This project’s goal is to build a bridge from first-year introductory courses to the competencies students will need to conduct senior-level thesis research in their disciplines. To reach this academic level, students must be able to understand the scholarly literature within a field of research, incorporate existing literature into original presentation and writing, and work with primary source material such as data. Through this project, a team of computing and information services and library staff members will address these issues and help students develop these skills in mid-level courses by focusing on four essential areas: (1) Exploring, saving, and citing scholarly literature; (2) Enhancing learning through portability and collaboration; (3) Working with data; and (4) Visualization and presentation.

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