Undergraduate Education Program

St. Edward's University

Thomas Mitzel
Austin, TX
December 2012

This interdisciplinary project involves the development and construction of a digital database that will model relationships among species at the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. Specifically, the project will focus on the following areas: (1) student/faculty computer science group to design and construct the underlying database; (2) field research student/faculty scientists to collect the required data for the digital database; and (3) an oversight committee drawn from these two groups and key administrative personnel. This initial project phase of what will become on ongoing program will focus on two central areas of currently active research in the Preserve: (1) The white-tailed deer population and its effect on the golden-cheeked warbler, and (2) the spread of the non-native plant Ligustrum and its impact on soil, local insect population, and golden-cheeked warbler population. Students in the field will be trained to study the deer population and ecosystem. Students in the computer science group will be trained to build the database infrastructure and to handle incoming data used to model the species relationships. Both groups will be leading discovery based experimental work in their areas while collaborating to construct the overall database design.

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