Undergraduate Education Program

California State University, San Bernardino

Erik Melchiorre
San Bernardino, CA
June 2013

The faculty of the department of geological sciences proposes to use state of the art energy dispersive x ray fluorescence analyzers to conduct quantitative geochemical analyses in the field as part of a program to strengthen and expand the department’s undergraduate research and educational programs. Initial projects fall into two main categories, geochemistry and volcanology. These will include the study of lead and zinc-impacted soils, arsenic mobility and distribution, and the development of a unique set of reference standards for analyzing volcanic rocks. These standards will allow field-based geochemical studies in volcanology such as the differentiation of lava flows, the correlation of ash beds, and the generation of chemo stratigraphies of volcanic successions to be undertaken. The success of these studies in obtaining rapid, quantitative analyses in the field has the potential to significantly impact the study of volcanic and other deposits. This program will not only reinforce the department’s commitment to academic excellence, but will greatly enhance the ability of geology majors to succeed after graduation by promoting their technical and scientific knowledge as well as their self confidence.

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