Undergraduate Education Program

San Jose State University

Joseph J. Pesek
San Jose, CA
June 2013

This project focuses on the introduction of a new technology into the laboratory curriculum of courses where the analysis of biological or physiological samples is essential to current practice in the field. Undergraduate students will utilize the technology to develop discipline specific experiments that will be made available to the entire academic community through open access media. The generic process for the experiments will be documented so that instructors in other disciplines or with other goals for their curriculum can modify or establish appropriate teaching tools. This project specifically involves a combined research effort to enhance aqueous normal phase chromatography, a new technology developed at San Jose State University, and to extend this analytical method to teaching laboratories in chemistry, biology, forensic science, and chemical & materials engineering. The primary focus is an integration of cutting edge interdisciplinary research by undergraduate students with curriculum development involving four departments in three different colleges.

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