Undergraduate Education Program

LeTourneau University

Karen Rispin
Longview, TX
December 2013

LeTourneau University researchers have seen dramatic improvement in student motivation by combining active learning and student involvement with human disability in small research projects.  This project will expand on that foundation by establishing an Interdisciplinary Mobility Lab based on a collaborative structure among biology, kinesiology, and engineering faculty and students.  The principles of active learning and empathetic motivation will be implemented in three objectives: increased undergraduate engagement in human mobility research, increased impact of related courses through development of active learning modules and course projects, and dissemination of knowledge gained from the pedagogical approaches and enhanced scientific research.  This project will directly impact approximately one fourth of the traditional student body.  Undergraduate students will gain a new understanding of the value of the material learned in the class room and the contribution they can provide by working on human mobility projects.  Student learning, empathetic understanding, and career objectives will be enabled, producing graduates who make an impact for the greater good.

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