Undergraduate Education Program

Central Washington University

Blaise Dondji
Ellensburg, WA
December 2013

Flow cytometry is a current gold standard tool used in both basic research, clinical research and routinely in clinical settings.  It allows the scientist to sort particles based on their physical and chemical properties.  It can allow one to physically purify the population of interest.  Flow cytometry has applications in a diverse range of fields including genetics, immunology, marine biology, molecular biology, protein engineering and medicine.  Yet at Central Washington University (CWU), flow cytometry is used minimally to conduct undergraduate research but not in teaching laboratories.  Traveling over 200 miles and renting equipment over the course of her research recently allowed one undergraduate student to compete for and secure a summer fellowship at the International Training Center for Global Infectious Diseases Research program of the Yale School of Medicine, CT in 2011.  This proposal seeks to expand and improve undergraduate student learning, research, and career currency by intently introducing and utilizing flow cytometry to 1) Enhance undergraduate student classroom experience; 2) Expand undergraduate student research; 3) Increase exposure of undergraduate student-produced work; 4) Improve currency of student skills; and 5) Explore regional collaborations and contracting.

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