Undergraduate Education Program

Austin College

Stephanie Gould
Sherman, TX
June 2014

The goal of Austin College’s Science Teaching and Research (STAR) Leadership Program is to provide undergraduate students in the sciences with highly developed leadership skills.  The STAR Leadership Program embraces the liberal arts tradition by maintaining that leadership behaviors should be taught and practiced through complete integration into the academic disciplines rather than as a separate course of study.  This project strives to engage all science students in the study and practice of leadership in their personal and professional lives, and to promote personal, team and organizational effectiveness in the laboratory and classroom.  Austin College specifically seeks to implement the first phase of the program by integrating the STAR Leadership curriculum in the biology and chemistry departments.  By the end of this project, 80% of chemistry and biology faculty at Austin College will be part of the STAR Leadership Program and 50% of all Austin College students will have taken one or more classes using this curriculum.  This program lays the foundation for successful professional careers and the leadership roles after graduation.

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