Undergraduate Education Program

California Baptist University

Mark Anklam
Riverside, CA
June 2014

A team at California Baptist University seeks to develop innovative laboratory experiences as well as standard lab projects in its new chemical engineering program.  Equipment for a state-of-the-art lab will be purchased to enable undergraduate laboratory projects in the areas of sustainable technologies (clean energy and C02 removal) and health-related technologies (clean water and particulates).  These projects include reverse osmosis, fuel cells, absorption to remove C02, adsorption to remove impurities from water, and solids handling as would be encountered in many industries.  They will allow undergraduate students in chemical engineering and in some cases other engineering majors, to apply their knowledge of engineering fundamentals in areas or in ways that are not always covered in required laboratory experiences.  This allows students to not only get experience in current, relevant engineering applications, but it also prepares them to gain experience with the concept of life-long learning.

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