Undergraduate Education Program

California State University System

Judy Botelho, Ken O'Donnell, Elaine Ikeda, Rebecca Eddy, Cathy Avila-Linn
Long Beach, CA
June 2014

A research study undertaken by the Center for Community Engagement in the California State University, Office of the Chancellor and California Campus Compact, a statewide service-learning organization, will document the impact of STEM service-learning (SL) courses on common measures of student academic achievement, career development, and civic engagement.  A mixed-method study of quantitative and qualitative data will uncover the essential elements of high quality SL present in participating courses, determine if SL in STEM disciplines has a positive impact on student success in terms of academic achievement, career development, and civic engagement, and determine if there are differential outcomes for students depending on the quality of the SL course experience.  These SL experiences will allow students to acquire technical skills, increase awareness of STEM careers, and improve attitudes around STEM and civic engagement.  In turn, the SL experiences contribute to the CSU’s long-term vision of preparing a STEM workforce in California equipped with a variety of 21st century skills.

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