Undergraduate Education Program

Mount St. Mary's College

Kim Middleton
Los Angeles, CA
December 2014

Mount St. Mary’s College intends to design and implement an interdisciplinary, comprehensive undergraduate research program that connects to the College’s general education curriculum.  Evidence shows that early student exposure to research experiences as an undergraduate is associated with improved outcomes, particularly for students from underserved populations.  The College seeks to ensure that the entire diverse undergraduate student body benefits from access to research through a variety of initiatives such as new and revised courses, research-focused workshops and presentations, and a summer undergraduate research program.  Faculty development is an integral part of the program and will provide training on effective student research mentorship, faculty mentorship opportunities, and the chance to revise and create new courses that include research components.  This multi-faceted program will be overseen by the director of the center for academic innovation and creativity and a faculty undergraduate research coordinator, along with a four-member advisory panel consisting of key College faculty from across the liberal arts and sciences.  Successful implementation of this program will mean that undergraduates receive exposure to research fundamentals regardless of their major, and will grow as students, researchers, and citizen leaders.

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