Undergraduate Education Program

California State University, Long Beach

Young Seok Shon
Long Beach, CA
December 2014

Discovery and characterization of novel energy-related materials are critical to meeting future energy and technology needs of society.  Preparing a diverse student population for 21st century STEM fields, and for materials sciences particularly, requires integrating cutting-edge technologies and emerging methods across disciplines in both curricular and laboratory research experiences.  The Keck Energy Materials Research Program at California State University, Long Beach will create a new interdisciplinary educational program that is explicitly integrated with engagement in energy materials research by undergraduate students and their faculty mentors.  The program will expand instrumentation critical for energy-related materials research opportunities, engage students in collaborative interdisciplinary research with faculty of distinct yet complementary expertise, and support the development of interdisciplinary courses essential for launching a new degree option in materials science that bridges the departments of chemistry and physics.  The program aims to develop into a nationally significant model for enhancing education in materials science at the undergraduate level.

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