Undergraduate Education Program

Mills College

Elizabeth Wade
Oakland, CA
June 2015

Mills College proposes to strengthen the college’s undergraduate environmental science programs and research capabilities through improved field access and the acquisition of key equipment and analytical instruments for coursework, fieldwork, and laboratory analysis.  This project will help prepare more women and women of color, particularly those in underrepresented populations, for participation in society's efforts to resolve environmental issues.  The college’s degree programs in environmental science differ from those of other California institutions in having a women-focused environment of small classes with close faculty-student interactions.  Mills has experienced a growing interest among undergraduate students in the natural sciences, resulting in a doubling of total enrollments in natural science courses over the last decade, but the college’s equipment has not kept pace and requires modernization.  The equipment will enable more field experiences, exposure of students to modern research instrumentation in their course work, and support of research projects by faculty members and students.

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