Undergraduate Education Program

Carroll College

Kelly Cline
Helena, MT
June 2015

Over 65% of students at Carroll College take a statistics course as part of their degree program requirements.  The purpose of Project InterStats, an interdisciplinary collaboration of five faculty who teach statistics and twelve faculty from disciplines that regularly employ statistics, is to design and implement strategies that help students more effectively relate their statistics coursework to research activity in their own fields of study.  Project Interstats will develop a unified set of curricular materials to be used both in statistics courses and in a broad cross section of courses in other disciplines; these materials will be compiled into Active Statistics, a mixed media online resource to replace the traditional statistics textbook.  Active Statistics will incorporate text, videos, in class activities, data analysis exercises in Excel, clicker questions, and automatically graded assessments.  Certain units will be developed as stand-alone Moodle micro-courses that can be integrated into any academic course a la carte, including pre-statistics liberal arts courses and post-statistics courses in student majors.  Statistics coursework also will require students to pose research questions, design studies, gather data, perform analyses and draw meaningful conclusions.  Project Interstats culminates with active dissemination and establishment of a statistical literacy center on campus.

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