Undergraduate Education Program

California State University, Northridge

George Youssef
Northridge, CA
June 2015

The College of Engineering and Computer Science seeks to establish a Composite Manufacturing Laboratory to train students on the design, mechanics and manufacturing of composite materials.  The laboratory will provide education and research opportunities for undergraduates, predominantly from underrepresented groups.  Specifically, the laboratory will be integrated into three courses and will be available for senior design projects.  It is expected that at least 560 students will be trained annually on advanced manufacturing techniques, mechanics of composite materials, modern engineering materials and mechanical design.  This training will enable graduates to secure better employment in the advanced manufacturing sector.  Besides enhancing undergraduate education, the laboratory will provide faculty from all five departments in the College with a facility to pursue research projects that will include research opportunities for undergraduates.  Finally, the laboratory will enhance the College’s competitiveness in seeking external funding from state and federal agencies as well as industry.

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