Undergraduate Education Program

Benedictine College

Darrin Muggli
Atchison, KS
June 2015

Benedictine College (BC) is establishing a new model for initiating ABET-accredited engineering programs at liberal arts colleges using a novel application of distance engineering education.  For the past six years, BC students have been earning ABET-accredited bachelor’s degrees in chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering through distance learning provided by the University of North Dakota.  Over that same time period, BC engineering has grown from four to 165 students and from one to seven faculty members.  BC is entering the final phase of implementing this successful model, which involves establishing laboratories for each engineering discipline so that BC can initiate its own ABET-accredited degree programs.  The proposed project will implement project-based learning (PBL) widely across the BC Engineering curriculum and in extra-curricular activities.  The BC engineering faculty members will use PBL, in a collaborative effort with their students, to build laboratory equipment and disseminate the results to faculty at other colleges.  The proposed project will capitalize on the existing commitment of the BC faculty members to improve student learning with projects.  If funded, this proposal will improve student learning, provide a cost-effective means to establish engineering laboratories, and assist the several other liberal arts colleges that are adopting the BC engineering model.

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