Undergraduate Education Program

Azusa Pacific University

Megan Prosser
Azusa, CA
June 2015

Cell sorting and flow cytometry are invaluable tools in both basic and clinical laboratory research in an array of fields such as immunology, cancer biology, molecular biology, genetics, and cell biology.  Cell sorters enable selection of pure cell populations based on cell surface protein expression.  Flow cytometry supports varied applications including: protein expression analysis, cell cycle and proliferation analysis, detection of apoptosis, and killing assays.  Currently this instrumentation is not available in the department of biology and chemistry at Azusa Pacific.  When needed, these experiments are performed at collaborating institutions, which prevents students from being active participants.  This proposal seeks to transform the approach to undergraduate learning through the intentional incorporation of cell sorting and flow cytometry in a minimum of 5 courses and 3 research laboratories in order to accomplish the following aims: 1) enhance existing classroom laboratories by increasing hands-on undergraduate exposure to innovative techniques and increased quantitation; 2) expand the undergraduate skill set in order to increase employability post-graduation; 3) enable laboratory development for current courses for which this task has been limited based on available equipment; and 4) increase student driven execution and analysis of experiments.

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