Undergraduate Education Program

Occidental College

John McCormack, Daniel J. Pondella II
Los Angeles, CA
December 2015

Occidental College proposes to transform its Moore Laboratory of Zoology into a genomics center with state-of-the-art equipment. At the same time, it will increase the capacity of the College's marine biology program to take larger numbers of student researchers offshore to conduct field research and collect samples that will be examined through genomic analysis in the newly equipped laboratory. Proposed programming will merge the College's natural history collections and Southern California field biology programs with genomics research and transition undergraduate students seamlessly from coursework to research, resulting in increased understanding of the scientific process and hands-on skills in new technology and bioinformatics. Placing students at the core of innovative research will create an effective setting for student-authored science in the liberal arts and prepare them with the experiences and skills needed to succeed and make meaningful contributions in an increasingly complex and competitive post-baccalaureate world.

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